[Gc] Win32: DLLs and thread registration

Christian Gudrian gn at fluidon.dyndns.info
Wed Feb 6 04:15:20 PST 2008


I have compiled the collector (current CVS version 7.1.3) as a DLL with 
Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition.  I've configured the collector to 
use DllMain registration (GC_DLL defined).

I'm confused by a number of things:

1. GC_CreateThread is mapped back to the original
    Windows API version by the exports definitions
    file gc.def.  Why that?  GC_CreateThread thus
    becomes inaccessible.

2. The DLL does not export GC_register_my_thread,
    which makes it hard for applications to register
    their threads manually.  Probably GC_API has been
    forgotten in the declaration?

3. DllMain tests for parallel_initialized==true
    when called during DLL_THREAD_DETACH.
    parallel_initialized, however, is always false
    unless GC_CreateThread (or equivalent) is called.
    DLL_THREAD_ATTACH neither calls any of them nor
    registers the newly attached thread since that
    only happens, when parallel_initialized is true.

Can somebody shed some light on these issues?


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