[Gc] Win32: DLLs and thread registration

Christian Gudrian gn at fluidon.dyndns.info
Tue Feb 12 02:45:57 PST 2008

Boehm, Hans wrote:

> I conjecture that if you call GC_INIT
> explicitly, and your collector is built with THREAD_LOCAL_ALLOC
> defined, everything will work correctly.

Since I use 3rd party thread classes I am not able to manually register 
all threads myself.  That's why have to rely on DllMain registration 
which collides with thread local allocation.

> I think the correct (though currently completely untested!) fix is to
> call GC_init_parallel() from the end if GC_use_DllMain().

I did exactly that: I added a call to GC_init_parallel() at the very end 
of GC_use_DllMain().  That seems to have fixed all issues and failed 
assertions I had so far.  I keep you informed if anything goes wrong in 
the future.



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