[Gc] Status of GC 7.1 alpha 2

Manuel.Serrano at sophia.inria.fr Manuel.Serrano at sophia.inria.fr
Thu Feb 14 06:05:57 PST 2008

Hello there,

A short note of information.

I have added a new entry to my collection of successful test for the 
GC 7.1 alpha 2. I have added a Linux NAS using a PowerPC G3 processor.

Here is the list of OS/processors I have tested so far:

  x32 - Linux, Win 32 (XP), MacOS X 10.4, MacOS X 10.5
  ppc - Linux
  armel (native + qemu) - Linux

On my todo list, I still have to fix two problems:
 - the direct Makefile does not work with icc.
 - the system breaks on OpenBSD/amd64. I have no idea yet, if this is due
   to a failure of GC.



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