[Gc] Major performance bug

Manuel.Serrano at sophia.inria.fr Manuel.Serrano at sophia.inria.fr
Thu Feb 21 23:09:37 PST 2008

Hello Hans,

> I put a snapshot at https://www.hpl.hp.com/personal/Hans_Boehm/gc/gc_source/gc-7.1alpha3-080220.tar.gz .
> Note that I did not assign this a real version number.  And this file will disappear after another one is released.  It will expand to a directory called gc-7.1alpha3, which is the same name as some other intermediate CVS versions.

I have tested this version of the collector on the following platforms:

 - x32/Linux-2.6
 - x32/Win32-XP-MinGW
 - ppc/Linux-2.4
 - x32+qemu.armel/Linux-2.6
 - armel/Linux-2.6

All these tests succeeded. 

If I have time, I will also test OS X today.

Thanks again.


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