[Gc] Re: Desperately needing GC 7.1

Andreas Tobler andreast-list at fgznet.ch
Sat Jan 12 14:08:57 PST 2008

Hans Boehm wrote:
> In the interest of making available a GC7.1 asap, I generated a
> gc-7.1alpha2.  As far as I know, this is in pretty good shape.
> However, it needs more testing on a variety of platforms.  I'd
> appreciate some more help in doing so.  This is your chance to make
> sure it works on your favorite platform before 7.1 is released!
> You can get the tar file from the usual place, i.e.
> https://www.hpl.hp.com/personal/Hans_Boehm/gc/gc_source/gc-7.1alpha2.tar.gz
> The CVS repository should also have a corresponding tag.  My convention
> for 7.1+ is that alphaN for N odd is an unreleased CVS version, and
> the even version(s) correspond to released snapshots.
> In the absence of major problems, I would like to aim for a 7.1
> release by early next week.
> 7.1alpha2 works around the MacOS10.5 problem by disabling parallel-mark
> on the platform and adding a FIXME comment in what I think is the
> problem spot.  Clearly this needs a better solution, though perhaps
> not in time for 7.1.

OS-X 10.5.1 intel was ok here (core2duo), cvs version. With and without 
parallel-mark. So no improvements.

OS-X 10.5.1 on G4 is borked. Investigating. Doesn't matter if parallel 
mark or not. A nasty race condition. The gctest hangs in 99% of trials.

OS-X 10.4.11 was ok on G4. So it might be a OS issue. I have one in the 
area of libjava. Real blocking, the OS seems totally frozen until I hit 

CVS version is borked for builds outside the source tree, I always have 
to make distclean in libatomic-ops when configuring.

I'm investigating.

Anyway, OS-X needs some stability time in terms of 'the os should get 
stable' before we hurry..... if you know what I mean.

Just FYI.


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