[Gc] Re: Desperately needing GC 7.1

Andreas Tobler andreast-list at fgznet.ch
Sun Jan 13 13:08:17 PST 2008

Andreas Tobler wrote:

> OS-X 10.5.1 intel was ok here (core2duo), cvs version. With and without 
> parallel-mark. So no improvements.

That was not quite correct. Parallel mark indeed does not seem to work 
here. Or is it depending on the weather ...

> OS-X 10.5.1 on G4 is borked. Investigating. Doesn't matter if parallel 
> mark or not. A nasty race condition. The gctest hangs in 99% of trials.

Ok, I think I found a reason. The gctest does not use GC_INIT anymore 
for this target. Adding a GC_INIT again makes my G4 under Leopard (aka. 
10.5.1) work with and without parallel-mark. Yes, with and without, 
double checked.

But as said, Tiger on G4 was ok w/o modifying test.c.


Index: tests/test.c
RCS file: /cvsroot/bdwgc/bdwgc/tests/test.c,v
retrieving revision 1.12
diff -u -r1.12 test.c
--- tests/test.c	25 Oct 2007 00:41:06 -0000	1.12
+++ tests/test.c	13 Jan 2008 21:06:57 -0000
@@ -65,7 +65,7 @@

  /* Call GC_INIT only on platforms on which we think we really need it,	*/
  /* so that we can test automatic initialization on the rest.		*/
-#if defined(__CYGWIN32__) || defined (_AIX)
+#if defined(__CYGWIN32__) || defined (_AIX) || defined (DARWIN)
  #  define GC_COND_INIT() GC_INIT()
  #  define GC_COND_INIT()

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