[Gc] Re: Desperately needing GC 7.1

Manuel.Serrano at sophia.inria.fr Manuel.Serrano at sophia.inria.fr
Thu Jan 24 01:40:20 PST 2008

> Is the core ARM/QEMU problem here that /proc/self/stat is not emulated?
You are correct. /proc is not emulated. It uses the one of the host
platform (i.e. an x32 Linux).

> Is there any reason to believe that this is really ARM specific?
> I'm fine with adding an option that works around this problem.  But
> I'd really like the macro to be a bit more generic, like
> NO_PROC_SELF_STAT, if that sounds right to you.
Yes, it does. Just to be sure that I understand you correctly: you are
only suggesting to replace the name QEMU with NO_PROC_SELF_STAT. Is
that correct?


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