[Gc] slightly misleading documentation of C interface

Britton Kerin bkerin at fastmail.fm
Thu Jul 17 14:23:28 PDT 2008

The html docs in gcinterface.html starts like this:

On many platforms, a single-threaded garbage collector library can be
built to act as a plug-in malloc replacement. (Build with
-DREDIRECT_MALLOC=GC_malloc -DIGNORE_FREE.) This is often the best way
to deal with third-party libraries which leak or prematurely free
objects. -DREDIRECT_MALLOC is intended primarily as an easy way to adapt
old code, not for new development.

I think that gc is misleading potential users/selling itself a bit short
with this description of things.  If I understand correctly, if one
wants to both a. use GC and b. use outside libraries not compiled to use
GC, it is necessary to use malloc interposition and I believe
redirect-malloc is the way to do this?  It seems like this sort of thing
is likely to be the most common case, at least for people who just
want a GC for their own quick-and-dirty programs.


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