[Gc] Memory leak gc7.1a3 & VC++2003 [~LOCATED]

Christophe Meessen meessen at cppm.in2p3.fr
Mon Mar 10 04:34:04 PST 2008


I'm using boost and the leak I reported in the previous mail is 
apparently related to boost. The leak shows up when using boost-1_34_0 
and disappear when using boost-1_33_1 with gc7.1a3.

However, in addition to this, I found out I also have a leak in my code 
most probably because of finalizer cycles. This leak shows up with 6.8 
on linux too.

Though the former leak (linked with boost) shows up in a specific part 
of my code that doesn't involve grabaging data structures with finalizer 
loops. So I'm quite sure it is boost related since it is correlated with 
the boost lib version.

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