[Gc] Problems with Free Microsoft Compilers

Matthew Bromberg mattcbro at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 13 23:42:38 PST 2008

I downloaded gc-7.0 and am having some problems trying to get it to work 
with Visual Studio 2008 or the platform SDK 2003.
For the freely distributed platform SDK 2003 there are a bunch of 
dependencies on some debug libraries odbc32.lib and perhaps odcpp32.lib, 
even for the release version.  These libraries are not normally 
distributed with the free versions.  Moreover Visual Studio 2008 seems 
to have a problem as well in that it generates some unsatisfied requests 
to the C runtime libraries and if I put the runtime libraries in the 
path it  fails to have some kind of manifest in it that would allow 
those libraries to load properly anyway.

I suppose this means the 64 bit version will not work either on my 
windows platform.  Now I did try to edit the Makefile to remove 
odbc32.lib but it still seems to want to try to link to it for some 
reason.  Unfortunately it won't compile with my commercial version of MS 
VC++ 6.0 anymore either.
That makes me SOL for now.


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