[Gc] Interest for CMake support, the cross-platform make

David Genest david.genest at gmail.com
Sat May 31 08:35:52 PDT 2008


I was wondering if there would be interest in porting the build framework
from autotools to CMake. I have started some experiments and have rapidly
been able to build the software on windows and linux from simple CMake

CMake <https://www.cmake.org> is a build system that abstracts away the
platform in the build environment. It greatly simplifies the portability
problem of building software. It can create native build files (Makefiles on
Unix like OSes, workspaces/projects on windows Visual Studio, CDT projects
on Eclipse, Borland Makefiles, Cygwin, and many others).

I have read that there would be interest in having visual studio project
files being updated/submitted. CMake would make this supported out of the

Thank you.

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