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I don't believe this operating system is currently supported.  At least it doesn't ring any bells.  Others on this list may have more experience in this area.

There are basic porting directions at https://www.hpl.hp.com/personal/Hans_Boehm/gc/porting.html, which may be slightly dated, but I think is still quite close.

The amount of work that's required is highly variable.  It usually goes up significantly if you need thread or incremental GC support.  A basic single-threaded port to a platform on which it is easy to find static data in the address space may be quite fast.


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We are trying to build wrappers using C++ to convert J2ME application to BREW. As we know that J2ME uses his own Garbage Collector to free the memory, for that we  need to implement the Garbage collection functionality with minimal changes in the source code.

For this purpose we found your GC7.0 which says it requires minimal changes in the existing source code to implement the Garbage collection functionality.

As it says that this gc7.0 is has some OS dependency and our goal is to run this tool on QUALCOMM CDMA mobile phones OS that is REX. So will gc7.0 works on REX OS , if no then please do let us know what are the changes we need to do in existing gc7.0 to support REX OS.

Thanks in advance.

Jitendra Kumar
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