Re: [Gc] Experiencing a leak(probably my own fault)

Ivan Maidanski ivmai at
Mon Nov 17 10:45:05 PST 2008


"Alex Gaynor" <alex.gaynor at> wrote:
> I have this code: .  And I am
> experiencing a leak with this code, if I comment out the contents of setup()
> then the leak disappears.  I assume this is a problem of my own making due
> to not understanding the semantics of the GC.  How can I fix this, so that
> the leak no longer occurs.
> Alex

As I could see, GC_INIT() call should be added to the beginning of main().
This may (or may not) solve your problem.

PS. I can't test it myself because I don't see "src/base.cpp" contents.


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