[Gc] gc's embedded libatomic_ops

Boehm, Hans hans.boehm at hp.com
Fri Oct 3 10:33:04 PDT 2008

The current GNU-style build machinery tries to use a system-wide one if it's available, and falls back to the internal one if not.  It's not clear to me how we could change this without making some builds a lot more inconvenient.  For example, I'm not at all sure how a Windows/VC++ build would work without the embedded libatomic_ops.

The other peculiarity here is that currently the libatomic_ops tree embedded in gc IS my development tree for libatomic_ops.  It is in fact a full tree that should build stand-alone without the GC.  This is admittedly inelegant.  It was driven by the fact that I couldn't see a way to get away from the embedded tree, and I was doing a bad job at keeping two source trees in sync, mostly for lack of time.  Plus atomic_ops didn't have a proper cvs/svn repository.


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> Just noticed the embedded copy of libatomic_ops.
> Any reason to *not* use a system-wide/external libatomic_ops?
> Any objections to my preparing patches to do that? :)
> -- Rex
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