[Gc] CMake patch (alternate build system on windows)

Jack Andrews effbiae at gmail.com
Thu Oct 30 06:53:17 PST 2008

Hans wrote
> Thanks.

you're very welcome -- i'm planning on using Gc in a language (i guess
you get a lot of  people using the Gc for this purpose)

> Was this tested with something close to the current CVS tree, e.g. 7.1?

yes, i anonymously grabbed the latest out of CVS.

i ran gctest using a single threaded, statically linked gc and it
appeared to pass.  is there a long running stress test that i can run?

> I'm concerned about libatomic_ops handling.

i haven't yet run gctest multithreaded, but i'll do this tomorrow.
(any test options i should know about?)

> It might be good to also include the pthread- and darwin-specific source files.  I believe they're sufficiently ifdef-guarded that they introduce no code on Windows.  And it might make this closer to usable on other platforms as well.

done!  they were sufficiently guarded.

> I'd be happy to include it in the distribution if it works for 7.1 on Windows.

great!  i'd like to help with getting docs a little more up to date, too.

ta, jack.

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