[Gc] Re: setjmp/longjmp and pthreads

Marco Maggi marco.maggi-ipsu at poste.it
Thu Sep 4 02:00:45 PDT 2008

"Nicolas Cannasse" wrote:
>We have a multithreaded application server that
>use the Boehm GC and the NekoVM, but we are still
>experiencing some strange things.
>Neko is using setjmp/longjmp for exceptions handling.
>Is there any possibility that it might cause some
>trouble, for instance if a thread is interrupted by a
>GC signal during a longjmp ?

Just a wild guess: are you declaring "volatile" the
variables that are used in the setjmp block and later
outside of it?  Doing:

$ grep volatile * --recursive

in the top source of Neko 1.7.1 shows nothing.

Marco Maggi

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