[Gc] I/O issues

Nicolas Cannasse ncannasse at motion-twin.com
Mon Sep 8 02:40:41 PDT 2008


Sorry for the multiple messages recently, we could fix a lot of things 
thanks to the help of the people on the list.

We are still experiencing one last issue, which is related to I/O functions.

In some rare cases, two of our threads get blocked in a I/O function 
(either recv() , fread() , or __read_nocancel()). The two threads are 
usually unrelated - one can be a MYSQL response beeing read while the 
other is reading a file - but they get blocked at the same time. Seems 
like a deadlock to me.

I wonder is there are some issues with multithreading + linux IO + gc 
signals. Even if the EINTR return values would not be handled 
everywhere, I guess it should still cause an error and not cause the 
threads to block.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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