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Daniel C daniel_anonim at yahoo.com.ar
Mon Sep 15 08:52:54 PDT 2008

Hello, I am very exited about this GC, so far (what I have red) it looks goods and have good support.
I am planning to use it in several proyect with several requeriments so this are my questiosn:

1)Is there some kind of benchmark about difference in performance with no using it.
I know it is gonna loss som performance, but I would like to know how.

2)I have made some simple test:
int main(){
    unsigned long  i = 0;
    while (1){
            char* aChar = new char[1024];        
          //  GC_gcollect();

return 0;

Should'n this work ok?
I am having a total memory leak.
If I set the GC_gcollet(); (uncommented) then it gets better but memory anyway increase (a low rate, but increase).

Thanks in advance.

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