[Gc] Using `MANUAL_VDB' and stubborns

Ludovic Courtès ludo at gnu.org
Tue Sep 16 13:06:04 PDT 2008


By default, GC 7.1 uses `MPROTECT_VDB' on GNU/Linux (i386), in which
case "stubborns" are ignored.

I tried to compile GC with `MANUAL_VDB' but without success: since
there's no `configure' option, I tried the attached patch, but "make
check" then fails with an undefined reference to
`async_set_pht_entry_from_index'---and indeed, that function isn't
defined in `MANUAL_VDB'.

Is this an indication that `MANUAL_VDB' is not recommended?  :-)

In the case of Guile (Scheme interpreter), a number of objects are
immutable, and it's easy to instrument the interpreter to use
`GC_malloc_stubborn ()' in these cases.  Thus, it seems more appealing
than the heavyweight mprotect/SIGSEGV machinery.  What do you think?


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