[Gc] Minor improvements

Ivan Maidanski ivmai at mail.ru
Sat Apr 11 09:24:25 PDT 2009


The suggested patch contains the following minor changes:
- GC_do_parallel_mark(), GC_help_wanted, GC_helper_count, GC_active_count are made static ("mark.c" file, removed from "gc_pmark.h");
- ARGSUSED tag is added to GC_suspend_handler[_inner](), GC_do_blocking_inner() ("pthread_stop_world.c", "pthread_support.c" and "win32_threads.c" files);
- a comment typo is fixed in "win32_threads.c";
- GC_finalization_failures var is unused and removed since GC_general_register_disappearing_link() returns error codes ("finalize.c" and "typd_mlc.c" files);
- GC_[general_]register_disappearing_link() now return GC_SUCCESS, GC_DUPLICATE (like GC_register_my_thread()) and GC_NO_MEMORY instead of 0/1/2 ("finalize.c" and "gc.h" files);
- a note is added about GC_NO_THREADS which is no longer used ("gc.h" file);
- GC_oom_fn() is used (before giving up) in GC_pthread_create() ("pthread_support.c" file);
- one more assertion is added to GC_set_all_interior_pointers() according to its spec in gc.h ("misc.c" file);
- a comment about GC_stackbottom setting is refined ("gcconfig.h" file).


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