[Gc] Yet more minor changes (conforming to ANSI C)

Ivan Maidanski ivmai at mail.ru
Tue Apr 14 03:58:20 PDT 2009


Some more fixes suggested in the patch:
- Cpp-style "()" no-arg function definitions is replaced to C-style "(void)" one for AO_nop_... in "libatomic_ops" library (in many header files);
- arbitrary-arg "()" function param declarations are replaced with the exact ones (many function protos in "finalize.c", "dbg_mlc.h", "gc_priv.h", "gcconfig.h", "pthread_support.h", "mark.c", "test.c");
- ARGSUSED tag is added to GC_debug_change_stubborn(), GC_debug_end_stubborn_change(), GC_mark_and_push() (for "src" param) in "dbg_mlc.c" and "mark.c";
- define/declare GC_noop() for Borland C++ compiler the same as for Watcom C ("gc_priv.h", "mark.c").

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