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Boehm, Hans hans.boehm at hp.com
Wed Apr 22 18:19:02 PDT 2009

I just noticed that this apparently didn't get answered.  Sorry.

I would suggest moving to 7.1 or the CVS version.  But the following should apply to all 7+

GC_size_map maps a requested size in bytes to a number of "granules", typically 8 or 16 bytes each.  The freelist arrays are indexed by the number of granules, and point to a free object.  The list of free objects itself is linked through the first word (see obj_link).  I'll update


to make this clearer.


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> Subject: Conservative Garbage Collector 
> Hi, 
> My name is muhammad ali awan. I am trying to understand the 
> Conservative Garbage collector. I downloaded the code from 
> your site. The version that I am using is GC-7.0. I have one 
> question, can you please tell me where GC_objfreelist pointer 
> array is pointing to and what is the structure of this 
> referenced location. 
> What I understood is that GC_size_map gives the index of the 
> GC_objfreelist. GC_objfreelist contains a pointer to 
> freelist. Can you please quide me what is the data struture 
> of those freelists and where they are allocated. And how we 
> can get the block size information of specific freelist.  
> Best Regards,
> Ali Awan

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