[Gc] Patch for WinCE - part 1/3

Ivan Maidanski ivmai at mail.ru
Sat Aug 8 10:58:08 PDT 2009


The suggested patch does:
- refine the code for WinCE targets;
- add unicode support (i.e. if UNICODE macro is defined then unicode Win32 file API is used else multi-byte (ascii) one);
- allow to build GC without atomic_ops for Win32/WinCE/Cygwin (unless PARALLEL_MARK or DllMain-based registration or MPROTECT_VDB or THREAD_LOCAL_ALLOC+GC_GCJ_SUPPORT).

The unicode support is most useful for WinCE where ascii API may be deprecated.

The patch is against the current CVS plus my "diff12" patch (in fact, it could be easily applied without that patch or with any of my other pending patches - just ignore numerous "hunk succeeded" messages). The patch is divided into 3 parts (to work around the posts size limit) - join them or apply in any order.

Note: I haven't tested GC on a real WinCE platform - but it, at least, should be compilable and linkable by VC++ 9 for ARM (without a warning) - real experience is appreciated.

Note 2: PARALLEL_MARK, incremental collection and DllMain-based registration are unsupported on WinCE; GC_THREADS, THREAD_LOCAL_ALLOC, GC_GCJ_SUPPORT, USE_MUNMAP, GC_DLL should work on WinCE.

Note 3: possibly useful options for WinCE (on arm): -DUNICODE, -DUNDER_CE, -DDONT_IMPORT_GETCURTHREAD, -D_WIN32_WCE, -D_WIN32_WCE_EMULATION, -DARM, -D_ARM_.

ChangeLog entries:

	* dbg_mlc.c: Guard include <errno.h> with ifndef MSWINCE; include
	"private/dbg_mlc.h" before it.
	* malloc.c: Ditto.
	* dbg_mlc.c (GC_debug_strdup): Use memcpy() instead of strcpy()
	for WinCE (since deprecated); evaluate strlen() only once; don't
	set errno for WinCE.
	* malloc.c (GC_strdup): Ditto.
	* dyn_load.c (GC_wnt): Define as macro (FALSE) for WinCE.
	* include/gc.h (GC_unregister_my_thread): Refine the comment.
	* include/gc.h (GC_uintptr_t, GC_beginthreadex, GC_endthreadex):
	Don't declare for WinCE.
	* include/gc.h (GC_WINMAIN_WINCE_LPTSTR): New macro (WinCE only).
	* include/gc.h (GC_WinMain): Remove GC_API.
	* include/gc.h (GC_WinMain): Use GC_WINMAIN_WINCE_LPTSTR for
	* tests/test.c (GC_WinMain): Ditto.
	* win32_threads.c (main_thread_args, GC_WinMain): Ditto.
	* include/gc_config_macros.h (ptrdiff_t): Guard with
	ifndef _PTRDIFF_T_DEFINED; define _PTRDIFF_T_DEFINED macro.
	* include/private/gc_locks.h: Guard include "atomic_ops.h" with
	ifdef GC_PTHREADS (and not GC_WIN32_THREADS).
	* mark.c: Include "atomic_ops.h" if PARALLEL_MARK.
	* thread_local_alloc.c: Include "atomic_ops.h" if GC_GCJ_SUPPORT.
	* win32_threads.c: Include "atomic_ops.h" if MPROTECT_VDB.
	* include/private/gc_locks.h: Use include "atomic_ops.h" instead
	of include <atomic_ops.h>.
	* include/private/gc_priv.h: Ditto.
	* include/private/gc_locks.h (GC_allocate_ml, GC_need_to_lock):
	Don't export (replace GC_API to "extern").
	* win32_threads.c (GC_allocate_ml): Don't export.
	* include/private/gc_priv.h (DebugBreak): Define as macro for
	WinCE (if not UNDER_CE and DebugBreak is not defined yet).
	* include/private/gc_priv.h (UNALIGNED): Rename to UNALIGNED_PTRS
	(since "UNALIGNED" is defined in winnt.h of WinCE).
	* mark.c (UNALIGNED): Ditto.
	* include/private/gcconfig.h (ARM32): Recognize _M_ARM and _ARM_.
	* include/private/gcconfig.h (ALIGNMENT): Check always defined.
	* include/private/gcconfig.h: Allow GC_WIN32_THREADS for WinCE.
	* include/private/thread_local_alloc.h: Define USE_WIN32_SPECIFIC
	for WinCE (since __declspec(thread) is unsupported).
	* include/private/thread_local_alloc.h (TLS_OUT_OF_INDEXES):
	Define for WinCE (if undefined).
	* malloc.c (GC_malloc): Remove outdated comment about disabling
        * misc.c: Don't include <tchar.h> (since not used anymore and may
        break TEXT() macro defined in winnt.h).
	* misc.c (GC_init_inner): Don't use GetModuleHandle() and
	InitializeCriticalSectionAndSpinCount() for WinCE.
	* misc.c (GC_init_inner): Replace GetModuleHandleA() with
	GetModuleHandle() (and use TEXT() macro controlled by UNICODE).
	* misc.c (LOG_FILE): Remove unused macro; don't use _T() macro.
	* misc.c (GC_CreateLogFile): New static function (Win32/WinCE
	only); move the code from GC_write(); replace GETENV() with
	GetEnvironmentVariable(); replace CreateFileA() with
	CreateFile(); use TEXT() macro (for Unicode support); replace
	strcat() with memcpy() (since deprecated in WinCE).
	* misc.c (GC_write): Define as STATIC.
	* win32_threads.c (GC_attached_thread): Ditto.
	* misc.c (GC_write): Use GC_CreateLogFile().
	* misc.c: Define vsnprintf macro as StringCchVPrintfA for WinCE.
	* misc.c (GC_abort): Try to invoke MessageBoxA() dynamically
	(Win32 only) if DONT_USE_USER32_DLL is defined.
	* misc.c (GC_abort): Duplicate msg to GC log file (for Win32 and
	* misc.c (GC_abort): Use a more user-friendly abort if
	NO_DEBUGGING (Win32 only).
	* os_dep.c: Include "atomic_ops.h" only if MPROTECT_VDB (and
	* os_dep.c (detect_GetWriteWatch): Use TEXT() for GetModuleHandle
	(for Unicode support); check GetModuleHandle() result.
	* tests/test.c: Don't define assert for WinCE (since may be
	redefined by "assert.h" included from libatomic_ops).
	* tests/test.c (FAIL): Define as ABORT for all targets (except
	for PCR).
	* tests/test.c (n_tests): Don't use AO_t.
	* tests/test.c (check_heap_stats): Don't cast n_tests.
	* tests/test.c (inc_int_counter): New function (for n_tests atomic
	* tests/test.c (run_one_test): Test GC_memalign() for all targets.
	* tests/test.c (run_one_test): Avoid unbalanced brackets in
	#if-#else-#endif blocks.
	* tests/test.c (run_one_test): Replace AO_fetch_and_add1() and
	private LOCK/UNLOCK with GC_call_with_alloc_lock(inc_int_counter).
	* tests/test.c (check_heap_stats): Replace
	"if (sizeof(char *) > 4)" with "#if CPP_WORDSZ == 64" to suppress
	"unreachable code" compiler warning.
	* tests/test.c (WinMain): Set cmd type to LPWSTR (for WinCE
	"UNDER_CE" mode); else use LPSTR type (for Win32 and WinCE).
	* tests/test.c (thr_window): Replace "L" string prefix with
	* thread_local_alloc.c: Check THREADS is defined (to prevent other
	compiler errors and warnings otherwise).
	* tests/test.c (WinMain): Recognize GC_NO_DLLMAIN macro (for
	the comments for.
	* win32_threads.c (GC_register_my_thread_inner): Recognize
	* win32_threads.c: Recognize GC_NO_DLLMAIN macro (to exclude
	DllMain support if needed).
	* win32_threads.c (GC_NO_DLLMAIN): Define implicitly if DllMain
	thread registration is unsupported for a given configuration.
	* win32_threads.c (GC_use_DllMain): Update the comment; refine
	ABORT message.
	* win32_threads.c (GC_use_DllMain,
	GC_started_thread_while_stopped, GC_register_my_thread_inner,
	GC_lookup_thread_inner, GC_delete_gc_thread,
	GC_allow_register_threads, GC_lookup_pthread,
	GC_push_thread_structures, GC_stop_world, GC_push_all_stacks):
	Check for GC_NO_DLLMAIN.
	* win32_threads.c (GC_Thread_Rep.tm_in_use, GC_attached_thread,
	DllMain): Don't define if GC_NO_DLLMAIN.
	* win32_threads.c (GC_stop_world): Declare "i" and "max" local
	vars only if not GC_NO_DLLMAIN (to suppress compiler warning).
	* win32_threads.c (GC_mark_thread, start_mark_threads): Use
	CreateThread() instead of _beginthreadex() for WinCE.
	New macros defined (used by start_mark_threads(), WinMain()).
	* win32_threads.c (GC_thr_init): Exclude parallel-specific code on
	WinCE for now (since getenv(), GetProcessAffinityMask() and
	SignalObjectAndWait() are missing on WinCE).
	* win32_threads.c (GC_thr_init): replace GetModuleHandleA() with
	GetModuleHandle(); replace CreateEventA() with CreateEvent(); use
	TEXT() macro (for Unicode support).

PS. Note for CVS: if you are going to fetch CVS right now [Aug 8] - check if it's fixed - see https://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.comp.programming.garbage-collection.boehmgc/2959

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