[Gc] More patching for public R/W vars getters and setters

Ivan Maidanski ivmai at mail.ru
Mon Aug 10 10:05:37 PDT 2009


The patch deals with data races in public getters/setters.

Fo more info, see the relevant post: https://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.comp.programming.garbage-collection.boehmgc/2823

This patch is against the current CVS plus my diff112 [Aug 6] (that patch deals with the data races too).

ChangeLog entries:

	* finalize.c (GC_general_register_disappearing_link,
	GC_register_finalizer_inner): Remove unnecessary "ifdef THREADS"
	guard for LOCK/UNLOCK().
	* finalize.c (GC_general_register_disappearing_link,
	GC_register_finalizer_inner): Get GC_oom_fn value before releasing
	the lock (to prevent data races).
	* gcj_mlc.c (GC_gcj_malloc, GC_debug_gcj_malloc,
	GC_gcj_malloc_ignore_off_page): Ditto.
	* mallocx.c (GC_generic_malloc_ignore_off_page): Ditto.
	* include/gc_inline.h (GC_FAST_MALLOC_GRANS): Use GC_get_oom_fn()
	instead of GC_oom_fn (to prevent data races).
	* malloc.c (GC_generic_malloc): Ditto.
	* mallocx.c (GC_memalign): Ditto.
	* pthread_support.c (pthread_create): Ditto.
	* gcj_mlc.c (maybe_finalize): Acquire the lock before setting
	last_finalized_no value to prevent data races.
	* include/gc.h (GC_gc_no, GC_get_gc_no, GC_oom_fn, GC_set_oom_fn,
	GC_set_find_leak, GC_set_finalize_on_demand,
	GC_set_java_finalization, GC_set_finalizer_notifier,
	GC_set_dont_expand, GC_set_full_freq, GC_set_non_gc_bytes,
	GC_set_no_dls, GC_set_free_space_divisor, GC_set_max_retries,
	GC_set_dont_precollect, GC_set_time_limit, GC_warn_proc): Refine
	the comment.
	* misc.c (GC_set_oom_fn): Ditto.
	* include/gc.h (GC_general_register_disappearing_link): Refine the
	comment (replace "soft" word with "weak").
	* misc.c (GC_oom_fn, GC_get_gc_no, GC_get_parallel,
	GC_set_finalizer_notifier, GC_set_find_leak): Add the comment.
	* misc.c (GC_set_oom_fn, GC_get_oom_fn, GC_set_finalizer_notifier,
	GC_get_finalizer_notifier): Use LOCK/UNLOCK to prevent data races.

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