Re[2]: [Gc] gc on windows

Ivan Maidanski ivmai at
Thu Aug 13 23:06:05 PDT 2009


Jack Andrews <effbiae at> wrote:
> i just read (
> '''
> On some other platforms it is necessary to call GC_INIT() from the
> main program, which is presumed to be part of the main executable, not
> a dynamic library. This can never hurt, and is thus generally good
> practice.
> '''

This is a bit outdated documentation - now it is preferred (for new code) to always call GC_INIT(). Also, DLLMain-based thread registration is NOT preferred (i.e. don't call GC_use_DllMain()).

> so my dll shouldn't call GC_INIT()?  can't i have an ini() function
> that the main program calls and in the ini() function, i call
> GC_INIT()?  the host is C#/.NET and my dll is in c.

> > GC is GREAT!!! I used it as a lib with threads in windows C++.
> > And it works well.
> great!  now i'm wondering what the best configuration is.  i'm
> writing a dll and so i wonder if i should build a dll (gc.dll) that
> my dll loads, or whether it's better to create a static lib and
> have my dll link to that?

Both static and dll variants of GC will fit.

> ta, jack


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