[Gc] Re: Partially scanning a VM's call stack

Ludovic Courtès ludo at gnu.org
Wed Aug 19 03:04:19 PDT 2009


Shiro Kawai <shiro at lava.net> writes:

> I once implemented something in that line in Gauche experimentally
> (Gauche uses Boehm GC).    Basically I defined a new GC "kind" of
> objects just for stack area and attached a custom marker.   It may
> not be the supposed way to use GC_new_kind, though.
> I didn't see any difference in the performance, and haven't
> experienced excess data retention problem caused by unused stack
> area, so the feature is turned off but the code is still in it
> under preprocessor symbol USE_CUSTOM_STACK_MARKER.
> I'm not sure it still works with the current GC (I experimented
> it several years ago).

Good to know.  I guess whether actual data retention actually occurs
depends on stack usage patterns.

In principle it looks like a risk that's worth avoiding, but I can
imagine it's rarely a problem in practice.



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