Re[13]: [Gc] GC + Windows Mobile + Threads + Patch for WINCE

Ivan Maidanski ivmai at
Mon Aug 24 22:46:12 PDT 2009


biosli <biosli at> wrote:
> > > >Could you tell me (assuming the above patch applied) whether GC_HAVE_BUILTIN_BACKTRACE and GC_CAN_SAVE_CALL_STACKS are some there got defined (and where if yes)?
> > > 
> > > I found nether GC_HAVE_BUILTIN_BACKTRACE nor GC_CAN_SAVE_CALL_STACKS are defined.I think the error fr_savfp undefined because when defined SAVE_CALL_CHAIN, it make FR_SAVFP and FR_SAVPC defined at same time. But fr_savfp only could be used under LINUX.
> > 
> > If GC_CAN_SAVE_CALL_STACKS is undefined then SAVE_CALL_CHAIN can't become defined.
> > Is SAVE_CALL_CHAIN defined in your case (and where if yes)?
> SAVE_CALL_CHAIN is defined in stdafx.h(bdwgc\windows-untested\stdafx.h), and the file been set as "Force Includes" of libgc project, so SAVE_CALL_CHAIN could be "saw" by all the *.c files.

"windows-untested" is untested/unmaintained part of GC (it's not included in the latest tarball). If you are using it, just comment out SAVE_CALL_CHAIN for WinCE.


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