[Gc] compiling gc-7.2alpha2 or a4

Marcos_David.Dione at sophia.inria.fr Marcos_David.Dione at sophia.inria.fr
Tue Dec 8 08:25:30 PST 2009

On Tue, December 8, 2009 12:38 pm, Marcos Dione wrote:
>     beh, actually this was my mistake. the patch I mentioned before? it
> was only partially applied. in any case, both define
> SEARCH_FOR_DATA_START,  which then defines NEED_FIND_LIMIT, which asks
> for JMP_BUF GC_jmp_buf. applying the rest of the patch fixed it, but
> I'm still in the point of:
> /auto/sop-nas2a/u/sop-nas2a/vol/home_indes/mdione/src/works/inria/android/live/bigloo3.3a/lib/3.3a/libbigloogc-3.3a.a(os_dep.o):
> In function `GC_get_main_stack_base':
> os_dep.c:(.text.GC_get_main_stack_base+0x1c): undefined reference to
> `__stack_base__'
> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
>     all the modifications I made to the code so far are in the attached
> patch. I will try only with naoya_t's patch and then with my part of
> the patch alone to see what happens.

    ok, I tried them all. in one or another way I hit the same error:
undefined reference to `__stack_base__'. as I mentioned before, this
seems to be normally defined in crt0.o, but the toolchain does not
provide such a file. I'm not sure that this will be fixed by compiling
statically (and in any case the result won't be useful to me; I will
need the dynamic version for later compiling another tool based on
bigloo). any hints?

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