[Gc] Cmake and contribution model

Nicola Brisotto nicolabrisotto at gmail.com
Fri Dec 11 09:34:02 PST 2009

I was reading some post on this mailing list about cmake. I think it could be really interesting to support this building tool. It has generators for a lot of IDE and it run smoothly on Win, OSX and Linux.
I saw that there are some patch for cmake in the mailing list but it's hard to understand on which version I can be apply them.
So my real question is: why don't you move to git?
A lot of opensource project are using git, it enable an easier contribution model. Give a look at gitorious.org, people can branch and then send you a merge request and you don't need patch anymore. 
There are script that help to import a cvs repository. I'm not an expert of cvs but I could help you to move to git.

Best regards,
Nicola Brisotto

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