[Gc] boehm-gc patch

Boehm, Hans hans.boehm at hp.com
Mon Dec 14 11:39:07 PST 2009

> From:  Ivan Maidanski
> I don't think it's worth bothering compilation warnings in 
> the cord stuff (which is most really used as a gc test and 
> hasn't been updated since 2005, at least).
> So, I don't want to apply the patch. Hans might have a 
> different opinion?
Although I'm not enthusiastic about the particular patch, I would generally still like to maintain the cord subdirectory.  It hasn't gotten a lot of attention recently for a combination of  two reasons:

1) It's clearly used less than the GC itself.  G++ supports ropes that have very similar functionality.

2) It doesn't seem to break nearly as much as the rest of the GC, since aside from an issue or two with stdarg incompatibilities, the implementation itself seems to be quite portable, something that's unavoidably less true of the rest of the GC. 

Although the first is a minus, the second is clearly a plus.  And I still find the package useful for C (as opposed to C++) programs.

Given more resources, I agree that it would make sense to separate it out as another package.  It does add some GC tests, including a minimal GUI application, but I think that's a minor benefit.  The real problem is that separating it requires more work.


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