[Gc] P.S. Should I be enabling unmapping?

Talbot, George Gtalbot at ansarisbio.com
Mon Dec 14 11:50:48 PST 2009

On the subject of the last post I made, I've been enabling the garbage collector to unmap pages it's not using as it's very helpful in top & ps to be able to see how much address space my program's using.  Being able to force GC_collect() as the last e-mail shows is a useful thing in that context.

For an ostensibly reliable application, should I bother with allowing the garbage collector to unmap pages?
Is it a bad idea to be able to call GC_collect() as a debugging tool?  I.e. can I force the collector to fail with GC_collect() when it otherwise wouldn't have failed?

George T. Talbot
<gtalbot at locuspharma.com>

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