[Gc] Re: Broken GC_pthread_detach for Cygwin

Ivan Maidanski ivmai at mail.ru
Fri Dec 18 05:27:09 PST 2009

Yesterday I wrote:
> It seems there may be a SEGV GC_pthread_detach() (in win32_threads.c) if the thread has been unregistered. (I think Cygwin GC_unregister_my_thread() should look like in pthread case.) I'll try fit it in the next several days.

I was wrong since GC_unregister_my_thread is not called from GC_thread_exit_proc().

Th only thing I've fixed for Cygwin is setting of pthread_id and flags in GC_pthread_start_inner (I've moved them to be set before releasing the lock).


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