[Gc] Missing prototype for GC_dlopen

Gregory Peele ARA/CFD gpeele at ara.com
Wed Feb 18 11:33:50 PST 2009

I'm currently integrating libgc 7.1 into my project  and ran across an
issue on Linux.


In gc_pthread_redirects.h, dlopen is redefined to GC_dlopen without
having a prototype for GC_dlopen available.  This causes my C++ code
that calls into dlopen to fail since GC_dlopen is not known.  This also
creates interesting errors when <dlfcn.h> is included in my code because
its prototype for dlopen gets redefined too.


I was able to fix this fairly easily by adding a prototype for GC_dlopen
in gc_pthread_redirects.h and including <dlfcn.h> in it.  But since my
projects only support Linux platforms I don't know if this will work for
other POSIX platforms.  Was this a known problem?  If so, has it been
fixed in a development version?



Gregory Peele, Jr.

Applied Research Associates, Inc.

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