[Gc] gc and iphone / xcode

Joseph Rukshan Fonseka ruki at rukispot.com
Thu Jun 4 16:09:03 PDT 2009


I have a large java application that I am converting to C++. I have  
discovered that correct memory deallocation is going to be a nightmare  
simply because of the nature of the Java language as it supports  
garbage collection.

I discovered the gc library and wish to use it.

My question is has anyone been able to use this library in xcode for  
the iphone? The new code will be written in objective-C however the  
existing Java code I am porting to C++.  How do I set up my project to  
use the library?

Does this library automatically garbage collect all memory or do I  
have to have my objects inheriting from gc? What about classes like  
vector from the std library? How can I make sure the garbage collector  
will work for them too?

Rukshan Fonseka.

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