[Gc] RE: Incremental collection bug/patch

Talbot, George Gtalbot at locuspharma.com
Wed Jun 17 06:07:54 PDT 2009

Is incremental & generational collection working on 64-bit Linux right now?

George T. Talbot
<gtalbot at locuspharma.com>

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> Subject: [Gc] Incremental collection bug/patch
> I stumbled across a (long-standing?) bug in the MPROTECT_VDB-based
> incremental GC implementation.
> The patch is attached.  Most of this is additional debugging support; the
> last change (h_trunc ==> current) in os_dep.c is the critical one.  If you
> are using incremental GC, you probably want to apply at least that piece.
> It's unclear to me that this helps with the GetWriteWatch issues on
> Windows, though I haven't seen that very recently.
> If you don't call GC_enable_incremental(), you don't care about this.
> Hans

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