Re[2: [Gc] RE: Incremental collection bug/patch

Ivan Maidanski ivmai at
Wed Jun 17 08:00:17 PDT 2009


"Talbot, George" <Gtalbot at> wrote:
> Not sure I'm parsing your sentence well, but I think you're saying that, "incremental/generational is available on amd64 only if thread support is off, malloc isn't redirected (this appears to crash on this platform anyway), and munmap support is turned off".  Does that sound right?

Not. I've mistakened a bit.
If malloc isn't redirected: incremental/generational is NOT available on Linux/amd64 if unmapping is on and/or parallel marking is on.

If you are under the target platfom, You can easily see whether MPROTECT_VDB is defined in gcconfig.h.

DEFAULT_VDB doesn't do anything useful.

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> George T. Talbot
> <gtalbot at>
> > Hi!
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> > "Talbot, George" <Gtalbot at> wrote:
> > > Is incremental & generational collection working on 64-bit Linux right
> > now?
> > > > ...
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> > For amd64: at present MPROTECT_VDB is defined only if no threads and no
> > redirect malloc and no unmapping. Other VDB implementation are not for
> > Linux.


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