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Ivan Maidanski ivmai at
Thu Jun 18 14:45:55 PDT 2009


"Talbot, George" <Gtalbot at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Attached is a nice zip file of a 264K text file showing a backtrace from my program.  I've managed to find that one can cause an exciting crash if one allocates memory from a finalization function invoked by the collector.

Yes, this is known problem (to me).

> I'm looking right now at putting an atomic flag in GC_invoke_finalizers() or GC_notify_or_invoke_finalizers() (or both) so that only one invocation of this can be live at any one time.

But the solution is not so easy (because of out-of-mem handling).
I thought even about "lazy" finalization (which could also minimize the execution time of a single GC_malloc() call if we have notifier installed) but gave up (due to the above problem).
I think I'll a have another closer look at it...

> I don't know that I can guarantee in my particular program that a finalizer won't allocate memory.  Maybe for example it must send a text message reading "Thanks for playing, "+name+"!" just before closing a network connection, and maybe both building the string and sending the message may allocate memory.  (In my case, maybe I have to tell some other process I've closed a file, for example.)
> For that matter, I don't know that you can expect a guarantee that any finalizer in C++ or Java wouldn't allocate memory, so I'm guessing that this is a case that should be handled.
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> George T. Talbot
> <gtalbot at>
> P.S.  On a side note, I haven't done a super-careful reading of the code, but you may wish in both C++ and GCJ to have some wrapper that GC_invoke_finalizers() calls to isolate GC_invoke_finalizers() from having a C++ or Java exception thrown in a finalizer.  I'm guessing that it would be a bad thing(tm) if the GC stack got unwound on in the middle of an allocation...I asked a buddy who's more of a Java expert than I and he says that he thinks that Java will continue on collecting if a finalized object throws an exception.  I think right now the BDW GC might crash.

Yes, Java ingores all exceptions thrown by finalize().

Java implements it as:

static void GC_CALLBACK java_finalizer( void *obj, void *client_data ) {
  try { // or setjmp()
  } catch (...) {


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