[Gc] Conservative Garbage Collector

Awan Ali awan at imec.be
Mon Mar 23 12:59:27 PST 2009


My name is muhammad ali awan. I am trying to understand the Conservative Garbage collector. I downloaded the code from your site. The version that I am using is GC-7.0. I have one question, can you please tell me where GC_objfreelist pointer array is pointing to and what is the structure of this referenced location. 

What I understood is that GC_size_map gives the index of the GC_objfreelist. GC_objfreelist contains a pointer to freelist. Can you please quide me what is the data struture of those freelists and where they are allocated. And how we can get the block size information of specific freelist.  

Best Regards, 
Ali Awan

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