[Gc] libatomics is ported to Sun C compiler for i386/amd64

Boehm, Hans hans.boehm at hp.com
Mon May 11 17:00:21 PDT 2009


How do the suncc files differ from the gcc ones?  It looks like there are minor differences in asm syntax?  It's tempting to merge them, but you're probably right that this is better. 

Can you explain the comment about AO_REQUIRE_CAS not being supported on Windows?  Since the CAS operations are defined anyway, I think that should just be a no-op.  Did you run into a problem?


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> Hi!
> The proposed patch allows compiling libatomics-1.2 for 
> x86/amd64 by SunOS_i386 C compiler without 
> -DAO_USE_PTHREAD_DEFS. Tested only with Sun Ceres C 5.10 
> SunOS_i386 2009/03/06 (it seems that the previous compiler 
> versions can't handle inline asm well).
> Also, libatomics readme is updated, and some comments (about 
> i80386 CPU) in gcc/x86_64.h are removed.
> Bye.

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