[Gc] Fix for Cygwin and more

Boehm, Hans hans.boehm at hp.com
Tue May 19 18:27:44 PDT 2009


I checked this in immediately, out of order, just in case it might help someone with the other win32 incremental GC issues.

I copied the OpenWatcom note into README.win32, to be checked in later.


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> Hi!
> The proposed patch does:
> - integrate (permanently) the adapted patch from gcc/boehm-gc 
> for GC_get_stack_base() ("os_dep.c" file);
> - make gc compilable (optionally) for Cygwin with 
> GetWriteWatch-based virtual dirty bit implementation 
> ("os_dep.c" file);
> - add STATIC to non-Win32 GC_write_fault_handler() ("os_dep.c" file);
> - fix GC_noop() for DMC (declaration/definition mismatch, 
> "mark.c" file);
> - eliminate special handling of Watcom (MSWIN32) for GWW_VDB 
> and MPROTECT_VDB (it works ok with GetWriteWatch-based impl 
> including with PARALLEL_MARK as it relies on the OS 
> functionality not compiler/clib itself).
> Notes:
> - the new Cygwin-specific version of GC_get_stack_base() 
> replaces both Win32-based (which has worked with Win threads 
> but not with USE_MMAP) and mmap-based (for USE_MMAP but had 
> failed in GC_push_stack_for()) ones and works ok (it returns 
> exactly same value as Win-based one);
> - USE_MUNMAP is still not working fo Cygwin;
> - while gc for Cygwin now could be compiled with -DGWW_VDB, 
> GC_enable_incremental() is not functional at present (with 
> any strategy, falling back to dirty everything).
> Special note for OpenWatcom users: the C (unlike the C++) 
> compiler (of the latest stable release, not sure for older 
> ones) doesn't force pointer global variables (i.e. not struct 
> fields, not sure for locals) to be aligned unless optimizing 
> for speed (eg. "-ot" option is set); the "-zp" option (or 
> align pragma) only controls alignment for structs; I don't 
> know whether it's a bug or a feature (see an old report of 
> same kind - 
> https://bugzilla.openwatcom.org/show_bug.cgi?id=664), so You 
> are warned.
> Bye.

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