[Gc] After Update Version 09.11.01

biosli biosli at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 1 22:24:23 PST 2009


I update version of Boehm GC(ChangeLog shows last change is 09.11.01).
I run the test on WIN32.

I got a debug break, and output as following:
Completed 6 tests
Allocated 3568358 collectable objects
Allocated 1212 uncollectable objects
Allocated 7499168 atomic objects
Allocated 137645 stubborn objects
Finalized 13199/13201 objects - finalization is probably ok
Total number of bytes allocated is 493041016
Final heap size is 77893632 bytes
Unexpected heap growth - collector may be broken
Test failed
test_libgcd.exe has triggered a breakpoint

and it does not occur in the version last change version(09.10.23).


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