Re [Gc]: two patches

Ivan Maidanski ivmai at
Wed Nov 18 23:01:17 PST 2009

"Daniel R. Grayson" <dan at> wrote:
> Here are some patches I needed to make.  The first allows  
> substitutions such as CC="gcc -m64".

I'm not a guru in the compilation scripts but typically this is done thru CFLAGS, e.g. CFLAGS=-m64.

>  The second gets around a  
> deprecated include file in mac os x 10.6, but there might be a better  
> way to do it.

The better way is to upgrade GC to the latest CVS version (I think the problem is already solved - at least, I don't see any compiler complain about deprecated headers - see

> diff -ur --exclude=configure /Users/dan/src/M2/trunk/BUILD/dan/ 
> builds.tmp/mac64.production/libraries/gc/tmp/gc-7.2alpha2/ 
> libatomic_ops-1.2/ gc-7.2alpha2/libatomic_ops-1.2/ 
> ...
>   AC_CONFIG_FILES([Makefile src/Makefile src/atomic_ops/Makefile src/ 
> atomic_ops/sysdeps/Makefile doc/Makefile tests/Makefile])
> -CC=${CC}
> -DEFS=${DEFS}]])
> +AC_CONFIG_COMMANDS([default],[[]],[[
> +CC="${CC}"
> +DEFS="${DEFS}"
> +]])
> ...

Petter -
Do you think it's worth applying?


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