[Gc] time for an alpha release?

Boehm, Hans hans.boehm at hp.com
Sun Nov 29 22:34:53 PST 2009

That sounds like a good idea.

I did get a little bit of time to look at the heap growth issue a bit more.  There is currently a minor problem in that test.c is inconsistent about enabling incremental collection on different platforms.  On some, parallel mark disables it, as do some other features.  I have a patch to make this more consistent, and hopefully get more similar heap size behavior, but that's not critical.  And I'm currently travelling again, so I'm not sure I'll get the patch in that quickly.


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> Hi!
> Hans -
> The development activity has been very low over the last month.
> Why not to make an alpha release for GC now? (I could prepare
> the tarball and update the CVS (including for libatomics)
> accordingly.)
> I believe we could reach more test&report auditory (for the
> recent code changes) by releasing a tarball (instead of
> offering everybody to fetch the source from the CVS).
> Bye.
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