[Gc] Latest cvs commits

Ivan Maidanski ivmai at mail.ru
Thu Oct 1 06:08:59 PDT 2009


I've changed gc_pthread_redirects.h so that GC_ symbols are exported regardless of GC_NO_THREAD_REDIRECTS (behaving the same style as for Win32) and GC_USE_LD_WRAP settings (GC_USE_LD_WRAP now acts as GC_NO_THREAD_REDIRECTS during import). Also I've added GC_dlopen redirector for GC_USE_LD_WRAP case (the same is in pthread_support.c for GC_pthread_create and friends).

Could anybody do "make check" on OS X using the latest CVS (where is a minor probability that some .c file may lack include signal.h hoping it's always done in gc_pthread_redirects.h which does it no longer for Darwin)?


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