[Gc] libatomic-ops patch for Renesas SH

Nobuhiro Iwamatsu iwamatsu at nigauri.org
Thu Oct 1 21:53:47 PDT 2009

Hi, all.

I am now trying to run linux on Renesas SH CPU(sh4).
Because I am porting new architechute(sh4) to Debian GNU/Linux.

Current  libatomic-ops does not support this CPU.
I port to this, and do BTS to Debian BTS of libatomic-ops.


Can you have comment?
If without a problem, would you apply this?

I got comment from Hans about this patch.

2009/10/2 Boehm, Hans <hans.boehm at hp.com>:
> I don't see a problem with the patch.  Could you post it to gc at linux.hpl.hp.com so others also get a chance to look at it?  You can add my comment if you like.
> Thanks.
> Hans

Best regards,
Nobuhiro Iwamatsu / Debian Developer
   iwamatsu at {nigauri.org / debian.org}

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