Re: [Gc] How to build libgc under Windows Mobile 5/6(ARM CPU)?

Ivan Maidanski ivmai at
Tue Oct 6 06:32:28 PDT 2009


Boris Vnukov <burantino at> wrote:
> Hello!
> The first trouble i get is : there is no config to build *libgc* under ARM
> platform.
> If i try to build sources of libgc "as is" - there is an error in
> GetStackFramesFromContext function of msvc_dbg.c (#error Unknown CPU). I try
> to add:
>    machineType                 = IMAGE_FILE_MACHINE_ARM;
>    stackFrame.AddrPC.Offset    = context->Sp;
> And than build lib but it crashes on tests with stack overflow error.
> Have somebody an experience width libgc under winMobile?
> Thank you.

1. Fetch the latest CVS

2. Look thru the recent thread for WinCE:

3. Any more questions?


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