[Gc]: libatomic_ops: time to alpha release?

Andreas Tobler andreast-list at fgznet.ch
Fri Oct 16 00:55:15 PDT 2009


Ivan Maidanski wrote:

>> Did we resolve the MacOS issue?  It looks like a recent change
>> could have affected this.  Maybe it was just slightly out of date?
>> Otherwise the output of nm | grep GC_fail_count on the two files
>> might be interesting.  The version in allchblk.c is declared
>> extern, so I also don't see the problem.
>> Hans
> This recent change was made on Oct 1, and it's unclear whether the
> buildbot automatically fetches the latest CVS or the source is
> manually supplied. i don't think it' a bug in the compiler but I've
> prepared the patch to make GC_fail_count declaration in the old style
> (it's a bit ugly and I don't want to apply it unless it really solves
> the problem). The patch is attached.

For the record. I mentioned this failure on the 1st of October to you 
Ivan with included patch. Ivan immediately fixed the issue and I resynced.

Here I run MacOS-X 10.5.8 on a core 2 duo.

Just synced again and both, the 32-bit and the 64-bit target compile and 
test run fine.


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