[Gc] Practical implications of MPROTECT_VDB in gc-6.6 and 7.2?

Loren James Rittle rittle at latour.labs.mot.com
Tue Sep 1 12:08:49 PDT 2009

Since we originally enabled threading on FreeBSD in gc, threading
support on the platform has radically improved.  We currently have
this configuration (in both the gcc copy of 6.6 and the 7.2alpha2):

#      ifndef GC_FREEBSD_THREADS
#          define MPROTECT_VDB
#      endif

However, I have noticed that MPROTECT_VDB now works fine on FreeBSD[7]
with threads enabled for both versions of gc that I checked.  However,
the test code runs slower on the one specific hardware platform I
checked.  I will not give exact details but it appeared to be about
50% overhead.

I noticed that one platform does similar to FreeBSD:

#       if !defined(GC_LINUX_THREADS) || !defined(REDIRECT_MALLOC)
#           define MPROTECT_VDB

I also noticed that at least one platform does the exact opposite:

#       define MPROTECT_VDB

The questions are:

Is the performance of the test code really indicative of application
performance? (I would think not.  And it seems wise to use incremental
mode for other reasons if possible even if it had some extra overhead.)

Should the MPROTECT_VDB feature be enabled for both threading and
non-threading configurations, if it actually works in both cases for
the platform?


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