RE: [Gc] Leaking Boehm GC on CE 6

Ivan Maidanski ivmai at
Wed Sep 9 23:22:51 PDT 2009


craigvanderborgh at wrote:
> Many years ago (back in 2003 to be exact) Hans Boehm and others helped
> us get Boehm-GC working correctly on gcj 3.3 on arm-wince-pe (Windows
> CE 3.0, at that time).  Everything - particularly that modified-for-CE
> build of Boehm GC - has been working extremely well until recently.
> We are extremely grateful for both the help we received then and the
> reliable and performant operation that Boehm GC has delivered over the
> years.
> Then along came Windows CE 6.  gcj/boehm still work without crashing,
> but on CE 6 we are experiencing severe leaking.  Specifically: a gcj
> binary that works perfectly (without leaking) on Windows CE 4/5
> exhibits fairly large memory leaks when run on CE 6.
> ...
> Whereas the same gctest.exe binary run on CE 6 produces the following:
> Completed 1 tests
> Allocated 560621 collectable objects
> Allocated 101 uncollectable objects
> Allocated 1250000 atomic objects
> Allocated 11480 stubborn objects
> Finalized 1931/2206 objects - finalization is probably ok
> Total number of bytes allocated is 59998108
> Final heap size is 11591680 bytes
> Unexpected heap growth - collector may be broken
> Collector appears to work
> Thus even the fairly simple standard "gctest.exe" exhibits the
> problem: not all allocated objects have been finalized - presumably
> because they were not identified during the mark phase.

"Unexpected heap growth" and "not all allocated objects have been finalized" don't mean the gc is broken.

I wonder: does anyone really observe GC malfunction on WinCE 6.0+?


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