[Gc] libatomic_ops: Lastest commits

Boehm, Hans hans.boehm at hp.com
Thu Sep 10 10:51:18 PDT 2009

Great!  Thanks!

I looked at the patches quickly, and they seem fine to me, as usual.  With Ivan checking things in directly, we will hopefully at least come a lot closer to getting caught up.

I know that one of the many pending patches is one that restructures the directory organization.  And I have been holding off on a patch to support the C++0x GC API, which I think is important, but would add instability.

I think we should aim for an approach like:

1) Check in any other bug fix patches, or patches that enhance portability at
small risk to working platforms.  Check in "make dist" patches.

2) Put out a 7.2alpha4 for testing.  (Note that alpha<n>, n odd, is currently reserved for unreleased cvs versions, to avoid confusion.

3) Any needed bug fixes.

4) Make available 7.2.

5) Check in C++0x support, and any other pending patches.

6) Do the tree reorganization.

Does this sound right?


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> Hi!
> If no objections, I've committed all the pending libatomic 
> patches - diff108_cvs, diff109_cvs, diff110, ivmai122.diff, 
> ivmai123.diff (the last one dated Aug 28).
> Bye.
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